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So often people send off letters (or emails), of complaint, well this one is the total opposite. I just wanted to tell you that I am/was very impressed with the guys that did the … delivery today. The lead guy was extremely polite and professional and what impressed me the most was how diligent he was. These guys went above and beyond to make sure that everything was done to the highest of standards and to make sure I was happy. They didn’t rush anything, they took their time and were very neat. Any problems were brought to my attention immediately (there weren’t many) and they were very accommodating to the fact that not all of the appliances could be installed completely at this time.

I have to tell you the “above and beyond” part. The installer and his partner carried … again, CARRIED the dryer and the 24” fridge up the stairs, they did not use a dolly, he obviously realized that using a dolly could possible damage the stairs. I couldn’t believe they did that. I think you did mention the additional years warranty when installed by these guys because I did know about it.

PS: I would request these guys for ANY of Lavelle’s jobs.

Cindy Mihalik
Lavelle Construction

My new oven/micro is sensational! Dacor oven/micro with custom trim kit made for our space. New York minute installation is fantastic. They customized the cabinet and I did not lose the drawer below. The best part is I can cook normally. Broiled beautifully etc.

Susan Cohen
Boca Raton, Florida

My husband and I recently purchased over $50,000.00 worth of appliances for our new home. The order was processed in a timely manner, and the delivery was scheduled and made as promised. The Delivery and Installation was completed by New York Minute and their technicians were professional, clean and polite. It has been a pleasure working with everyone from start to finish.

Shelley Payer